This song plays in the fight against the modified Metal Gear RAY like Raiden or Samuel. It reflects the basic rule of nature, natural selection, and focuses on predatory instincts. Those who survive in the wild must follow these basic rules so that they are not destroyed by those who do. Time is over Yes – that`s what nature has planned What is done is made Survive to see another day The Game of Life The hunter and the agile prey No guarantee of which of them will succeed Strong or weak In addition, more users selected individual scenes of broadcasts, movies and video games, to combine them with the song. The video series became so popular that “Rules Of Nature Goes With Everything” became a YouTube research day. [5] Being chased by a hungry beast In search of their daily feast A predator on the verge of death Just before his last breath, “Rules of Nature” is the main theme of Metal Gear RAY and Grad in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Updated July 28, 2022 at 2:23 p.m. EDT by Aidan Walker. Added Jan 24, 2014 at 04:18PM EST by Kung Fu Cthulhu. The first parody video with the theme song was posted on March 8, 2013 by YouTuber KazNDS, which showed images of an obese woman picking up and throwing a table, then blocking and dodging chairs thrown at her during a riot (see below, left).

As a tribute to the original video Guile Theme Goes With Everything,[3] another YouTuber named RulesOfNatureFitsAll presented on September 24. April 2013 footage of the live-action movie Super Mario Brothers in front of the song and used “Soundtrack Dissonance”[4] to make the scene more appealing (see below, right). And they run when the sun rises With their life at stake (Alive) For a while (No choice) Must follow the laws of the desert (Alive) With their life at stake (No choice) Here, only the strong survive The theme can be heard in the tutorial level of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance[1], in which the protagonist Raiden[2] is attacked by Metal Gear RAY, a kind of unmanned gears. The vocals come into play when Raiden initiates the finishing move on his enemy, where the machine is launched upwards before jumping on it and cutting off his arm, and the song returns for a reprise when he cuts the other arm and cuts the Metal Gear in half. I feel the heat as the temperature rises Make your pain [5] YouTube – Search “The rules of nature go with everything”. Another interpretation of the lyrics portrays the song as a lament for/by the Unmanned Gears, describing them as ” a hungry beast ” and ” a predator on the brink of death “. This reflects the change in warfare depicted in the game – with the advent of cyborg technology, unmanned weapons such as RAY and GRAD are becoming obsolete, although they were at the heart of war strategies a few years ago. In this interpretation, the song could also allude to Samuel Rodrigues` defeat of Raiden at the end of the prologue – like RAY, Raiden`s cybernetics is outdated by the standards of the game`s axis. Like all songs on the album Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Vocal Tracks, the prototype version of “Rules of Nature” included in the demo version of the game had different lyrics, and the drums came louder at the end of the song than in “Rules of Nature (Platinum Mix)” because the track is not remixed and retains the original instrumentation without sound effects. (alive) I swear I`ll be at the seams until you detach The lyrics describe a metaphor for the survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom, but applied to today`s society. Raiden is portrayed as the weak prey (smaller physical size) and Metal Gear RAY as the predator or strong hunter (by size, military equipment and power), showing that power alone does not guarantee victory and that victory can be achieved through ingenuity. The confrontation with the GRAD is similar: GRAD is an unmanned armored vehicle, equipped with machine guns and shields, but Raiden can break through its defenses with its high-frequency blade.

The reason this is opposed to MG RAY is that, despite its incredible size and firepower, it can`t compete with Raiden`s second battle corps (which can pass for a human if he wears clothes over armor). He even bumped into Samuel Rodriguez, who had no cybernetic upgrades and in a much smaller room. “Rules Of Nature” Goes With Everything is a video series that combines various shots of exaggerated action sequences with “Rules Of Nature”, a boss fight theme from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, for an enhanced viewing experience. After the first wave of parodies, other montages with the song found their way onto YouTube; Versacality uploaded two volumes of edited moments to showcase the song, and two other users, known as Baiken 梅喧 and CesiumHippo, added their own moments. Each video has more than 10,000 views and more than 100 “likes”. Written by: Jamie Christopherson Lyrics by: Jamie Christopherson & Graeme Cornies Produced and mixed by: Jamie Christopherson Remixed by: Akira Takizawa Vocals Recorded by: Logan Mader Vocals: Jason Miller Guitars: Aaron Kaplan & Graeme Cornies Drums: Ralph Alexander Programming: Graeme Cornies & Jamie Christopherson bro It sounds like a song my dad would do with his friends – [3] YouTube – Guile`s Theme Goes With Everything (Super Mario Bros. Movie).