For more information on motorcycle or motorcyclist training at limited speed, or a course near you, call your local community college or visit the Ministry of Transportation website in The registration of motorcycles and mopeds includes licence plates and a vehicle licence. License plates are required for motorcycles and mopeds when driving on public roads. In Ontario, standing scooters and gasoline-powered bicycles modified with gasoline engines are illegal on the road or sidewalks. In Toronto, scooters (gas and electricity) are illegal and subject to a $60 fine. You are no longer allowed to drive a moped with a driver`s license. New moped riders must pass road tests. 35-1(c) Subject to subsection (10) (i), every motor vehicle shall be equipped with lights at the front and rear of the motor vehicle and (ii) every trailer at the rear of the motor vehicle that may be intermittently lit or flashing to indicate that the motor vehicle is about to turn right or left, such as lamps to the right or left of the front and rear of the vehicle; and any lamp mounted at the rear of the vehicle shall emit a red or yellow light, and any lamp mounted at the front of the vehicle shall emit a white or yellow light. Application of paragraph (1)(c) 35(10) Paragraph (1)(c) does not apply to a motorcycle of the 1974 or earlier model or make or to a motorcycle.

You must prove that you are insured before you can register your motorcycle or moped or renew your registration. If you don`t tell the truth about your insurance or provide false documents, you could be fined $5,000 to $25,000. You can also lose your driver`s license for up to one year and your motorcycle or moped can be confiscated for up to three months. Check for loose or missing nuts, screws or gutters. Keeping your motorcycle or moped clean will make it easier to detect missing parts. Some drivers install longer forks than the standard for styling. However, they reduce steering accuracy and increase the load on the motorcycle or moped frame and steering components. Like limited-speed motorcycles, mopeds can be operated on Ontario roads.

On 28 November 2005, a new category M restricted driving licence was introduced for limited-speed motorcyclists (LSM) and moped riders. This new category M restricted licence comes with a condition allowing licence holders to drive only motorcycles and mopeds at limited speed. In Nova Scotia`s Motor Vehicle Act, a moped is referred to as a “motorized bicycle.” This age is defined as the minimum age for learning or licensure to teach is 14, and the applicant must pass a written exam and eye screening. All mopeds must be registered and insured, and the driver must wear a helmet. Headlamp intensity of mopeds or mobility vehicles 36(3) By way of derogation from clause 1(c) or subsection 35(3), every moped or mobility vehicle shall be equipped with a headlamp of such intensity that, under normal atmospheric conditions, persons and vehicles become visible at a distance of 30 metres under all conditions under which the moped is loaded. Canadian moped laws regarding the legal use of mopeds vary from province to province across the country. You may find information on your province`s transportation website, but the purpose of this page is to provide a brief policy on provincial regulations. Moped dealers are required by law to provide buyers with a certificate guaranteeing that the moped meets the definition of the Road Traffic Act. Speedometer required 46(1) Every motor vehicle shall be equipped with a speedometer in good condition designed to indicate, to the extent practicable, the speed at which the motor vehicle is moving. Odometer required 46(2) Every motor vehicle other than a motorcycle, mobility vehicle, moped, tractor or snowmobile must be equipped with a functional odometer. The buyer must bring the PIVU (except when purchasing a moped) and the vehicle portion of the license to a driver`s license and driver`s license office to register as a new owner within six days of the sale.

Your vehicle licence must include a detailed description of your vehicle. This means that if you change something on your motorcycle or moped, such as color, you must report it to a driver`s license and driver`s license office within six days. If you change your name or address, you must notify the Ministry of Transportation within six days. You can do this in person at a driver`s licensing agency; at a ServiceOntario kiosk; by sending the information stub attached to your vehicle licence to the Ministry of Transportation, P.O.