The VLC program, launched in 2013, continues to expand its reach in response to the legal needs of the fleet. Since last December, VLC services have been available to service members and relatives who are victims of domestic violence. Next summer, 11 new VLC program sticks will be filled, and the VLC program leadership team will be expanded with an active commander. In the future, two more civilian batons will be added to the headquarters team, and additional administrative support staff will be assigned to VLCs on site. Parker and Aveno hope that the VLC program has spread throughout SAAPM throughout the fleet. They encourage service members to take full advantage of the wide range of support that CVVs can provide. VLC will not contact your commander, law enforcement or other agencies unless you make a specific request. The chain of command of the AGV is functionally independent of the convening authorities, the lawyers of the staff judges, the LSSS-OIC, the litigators and the defence lawyers. The VLCs are under the supervision and reporting to the OIC, VLCO, which reports directly to the Staff Judge Advocate of the Marine Corps Commander. Limited reporting remains limited; All communications with VLC are confidential Conversations between VLC and victims are confidential and privileged communications. The relationship between a VLC and the victim is that of a solicitor-client relationship.

“It`s especially gratifying to see how resilient our customers are and how VLC has helped them through a difficult time in their lives,” said Aveno. “I also find the outreach presentations rewarding. Unfortunately, there are still many who don`t know that the VLC program exists, so it`s great to be able to provide them with a new resource in case we need it. “The VLC program provides a dedicated advocate for eligible victims of sexual offences or domestic violence. Their lawyer helps them understand investigative and military justice processes, helps them protect their legal rights, and helps them find recovery resources,” said Captain Lisa Sullivan, Chief of Staff VLC. “Our knowledgeable and caring staff is focused on those who need it most – victims who are going through an incredibly difficult chapter in their lives. VLC will refer victims to defence, legal assistance and/or civilian resources where appropriate VLCO services complement and do not replace existing victim support services, including support currently provided by VWAP, the SAPR, FAP, SARC programme and victim advocates. VLC helps victims understand legal avenues, including: injunctions and military protection orders; Restricted or non-restricted reporting of sexual assault; and obtaining testimony or transactional immunity from collateral misconduct before testifying against the defendant in the case. Aveno joined the Navy to pursue a legal career. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Studies from San Jose State University and hoped to become a paralegal. He believed that enlisting in the Navy was an ideal way to serve while pursuing his career path.

He enlisted under the name Yeoman because direct conscription as a lawyer is not allowed. While working in VLC`s Naples office, he was granted permission to become a legal man, although the process is still ongoing. Parker`s colleague in Naples, Italy – Yeoman 1st Class Jerahmeel Aveno – says the most rewarding part of the job for the VLC program is contributing to “an important and necessary organization and mission.” For more information about the VLC program or to find a VLC near you, visit Legal advice and advice to victims of crime under the UCMJ VLC provides victims with an overview of the military justice system, including: criminal investigations; the roles and responsibilities of the convening authority, council, council and investigators; the purpose of the section 32 hearing (also known as a pre-trial conference); the dismissal and referral of charges; test methods; and evidentiary issues. VLC can provide victims with information and advice regarding crimes committed in violation of the UCMJ VLC will help you understand the military justice system which includes investigative and disciplinary procedures and will promote and protect your rights and interests in the military justice system. This includes, with your permission, acting on your behalf for various parties such as military criminal investigators (NCIS, CID, etc.); military commanders (including convening authorities); lawyers for military commanders (also known as staff judges); military prosecutors (also known as defence lawyers); the offender`s lawyer; investigators conducting the investigation; officials responsible for the initial review of pre-trial detention; and military judges. I can participate in your interviews with investigators, litigators and defence lawyers. “When I was in the Navy and learned more about the Legalman community, I became even more drawn to work. Their crucial role in criminal court martial and out-of-court proceedings, the legal assistance they provide, and the support they provide to judges` lawyers, sailors, and the entire Navy make the Legalman community exactly the kind of team I want to be a part of,” said Aveno. Privileged and confidential communication with a VLC lawyer dedicated to protecting your interests in the military justice process Marine Corps VLC are highly qualified judge lawyers with extensive experience in military justice, who have completed a certified victim representation course and must be selected through a “sensitive selection process”. Despite long hours and a heavy number of files, Parker says his job as a VLC is very enjoyable. Accelerated transfer support (full report) “It was also a great lesson in privilege,” Parker added.

“I really took for granted the rights and privileges that come with my United States. Passport as it was quite revealing to go through the immigration process with a foreigner. “It`s so important to get a VLC when they decide to report an incident,” Parker said. “The process is extremely overwhelming for a victim when they first report it, and it`s important that they talk to a lawyer who can advise them and help them find the best ways to achieve their goals – whatever they may be.” “Even if you are not sure if you have been a victim of sexual assault or domestic violence, or if you think you are not eligible for our services, we still recommend contacting the VLC,” Aveno said. • Active duty members of the armed forces • Reservists serving on active duty • Members and former members who are entitled to a retirement or maintenance salary • Military personnel of military personnel and retirees • All DOD employees who are victims of sexual assault (only) “The most rewarding part of a VLC is being a voice for my clients,” Parker explained. It`s really hard for me to put it into words, but the edification I receive when I help my clients through this process and feel valued is the greatest reward. It`s a call I`m grateful to have answered, and it`s one of the greatest things we can do as military lawyers. Lt. Casey Jo Parker – a VLC based in Manama, Bahrain – recently made great strides for a client. Parker, who is the only VLC in the U.S. Central Naval Forces Command will wrap up its year-long unaccompanied tour of Bahrain this summer. Its workload consists of civilian and military clients – including foreigners – on three different continents and eight different countries.

In this particular case, Parker helped a foreign client who had to travel to Norfolk, Virginia, to testify, an extremely difficult undertaking, especially during a global pandemic. Assistance in obtaining the Military/Emergency Preparedness Order (DFO/CPO) “Despite all the incredible hurdles it took to get a foreigner into the U.S. without a visa.