A 2005 Court of Appeals decision overturned a drug trafficking conviction against a man named David Ray Pratt. Police ransacked Pratt`s home and found mycelium in syringes and fresh mushrooms and immediately arrested him, charging him with “drug trafficking by manufacture.” How do Santa Fe residents handle this? Is it a big stage? Mushrooms grown outdoors are currently in season, Williams notes. “Mushrooms are overlooked in places like Florida because they grow out of the ground so easily,” she says. And Santa Fe? “There are a few pockets of people who are farmers and gardeners who grow [non-hallucinogenic] mushrooms anyway,” she says. “So they`re going to grow [psilocybin] mushrooms and they`re going to make them. But they do it on their own land. You`re not going to go to a nightclub and say, “Hey, you?” It`s a small community. I found Ms. Williams when I read her article in the Santa Fe Reporter about books and psilocybin mushrooms.

(Psilocybin is the active psychedelic compound found in more than 200 types of mushrooms. It tripss you up.) It has caught up with the legality of mushrooms, which — like marijuana, which has been given the green light by some states — are still a Schedule I narcotic. “They`re legal to grow, they`re legal to eat the fruit you get straight from the cakes, but you`re not allowed to have dried mushrooms,” Williams says. “These are important distinctions. There are different ways people deal with it. “I don`t think the 2005 case legalized the possession, consumption or distribution of the mushroom itself,” Assad said. The passionate popularity of Breaking Bad linked New Mexico to a very specific drug. But despite the now ubiquitous blue candy “meth,” the land of enchantment has another provocative substance relationship. You see, in 2005, the New Mexico Court of Appeals ruled that growing hallucinogenic mushrooms was not illegal. In other words, you can totally grow baby boomers in Albuquerque, brah. I caught up with Bett Williams, author, mushroom lover, Santa Fe resident, and generally hip, to find out what`s going on there. This made me wonder if the New Mexico police were cracking down on people going out.

“Absolutely not,” Williams says. “I have an angry ex-girlfriend who told the police several times that I was growing mushrooms, and they just blew them up.” She added that a group of women were arrested while carrying mushrooms a few years ago, and then dropped this bombshell: “A lot of people get out of plant medicine by joining the Native American Church. There is a branch in New Mexico. It doesn`t mean you won`t be arrested, but it can help you get out of jail,” she says, adding, “You don`t have to be an Indian to enlist.” Some of the types of psilocybin-containing mushrooms you can find are: LSD is classified as a Schedule I restricted substance under the Controlled Substances Act. This means that it is illegal everywhere in the United States. Psilocybin mushrooms are not regulated by UN treaties. Aus einem Brief vom 13. September 2001 from Herbert Schaepe, Secretary of the United Nations International Narcotics Control Board, to the Dutch Ministry of Health[6]: Estevan Hernandez, owner and chief breeder at NM Fungi, has been growing mushrooms for over a decade. We will also explain the legality of magic mushrooms as well as other psychedelics such as LSD, DMT and more in the state of New Mexico.

You`re more likely to find psychedelic cacti here than mushrooms, but they`re all equally illegal. But extracting or drying and storing psilocybin is illegal: a second-degree felony in New Mexico, with a maximum sentence of nine years in prison and fines of up to $10,000. “There are artists I know who grow their own and do it privately: dance, therapy,” Williams continues. It is a square substance. I know quite a few teenagers and I don`t think they revolve around mushrooms. She puts psilocybin mushrooms in their own category and even personifies them. “The herb as a plant really gets attention, she loves trade, she likes to get involved in politics,” she tells me. “The mushrooms, the more you take, the more I feel that they are reserved and humble in terms of teachings. If you`re surrounded by people who make a lot of mushrooms, you can tell a beginner because they`re wearing a mushroom shirt and say, “Wow! It`s unbelievable! People who do them regularly just stop talking about it.